10h30 – 11h00

Emerging contractors information session presented by the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA).

11h00 – 11h30

Training offered to companies by the Siyaya Skills Institute.

11h30 – 12h30

Compliance audit information session presented by the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA).

12h45 – 13h30

International guest speaker Mark Ferguson – Training Manager, Kaivac Cleaning Systems U.S.

Launch:  Kaivac Cleaning Systems Out with the mop and bucket:  NEW revolutionary cleaning technology launch.


AFTER launch – proceed to Stand A32 for the unveiling.


14h00 – 14h30

International guest speaker Michel de Bruin – CEO Greenspeed BV and ISSA Chairman of the European Board.

Well-being meets cleaning – How to increase the image of the cleaning industry?

The cleaning industry is a people industry intertwined in every other industry, making a difference on a daily basis. How can we improve the image of our industry? How to be motivated and proud of what we do? How can we show other industries why the cleaning industry is relevant and important? Why we should feel good about the difference we make?


Official opening and welcome.

Patrick Makhubela – NCCA National Chairman and CEO Neledzi Services.

10h45 – 11h15

International guest speaker Paul Wonnacott – Managing Director & President, Vectair Systems.

Evolution of fragrances from inside to outside the washroom.

The era of small independent fragrance producers has given way to groups of chemists, specialist marketing teams and highly trained ‘noses’ who can build absolutely any fragrance that an individual desires. For the cleaning sector, this has meant a shift away from traditional practices. Organisations are now realising the powerful ability of scent to deeply connect with our emotions and how advances in scent technology are being used to deliver an improved user experience.

11h15 – 11h45

International guest speaker Dianna Steinbach – Director of Europe, Middle East, Africa & Oceania, ISSA

Changing the Conversation from Cost to Profit – How do you convince end-users quality cleaning is worth paying for?

Increased price pressure, ever higher demands to ‘do more for less’, and the continued commoditisation of commercial cleaning places building service providers, in-house managers, distributors and suppliers in a difficult dilemma. How do you convince the end-user that quality cleaning is worth paying for? Learn how to change this conversation from cost to how your organisation can contribute to stakeholders’ own profits. Learn the hot buttons of facility executives.

11h45 – 12h15

South African industry speaker Amanda Colling – Technical Services Executive, InnuScience

Green Cleaning – Abu Dhabi Educational Council Green Schools Project

Realising the potential hazards of unknown chemicals, poorly understood technologies and prolonged exposures to loud noise, low-spectrum fluorescent lighting and poor ventilation. Statistics indicate that children are severely affected by poor air quality in schools, cleaning chemicals being the biggest culprit with high VOC’s irritants and sensitisers.


South African industry speaker LeratoMbonani – Cleaning Chamber Manager, Services SETA.

Benefits of Skills Development in the Cleaning Sector

SETA’s overview;  Levies and grants;  Chambers overview;  Cleaning and Hiring Services Chamber;  Discretionary grants and application process.

12h45 – 13h15

South African industry speaker Rob Urquhart – Managing Director Ultra High Level Cleaning Specialists. DirectorIWH

Working at Height Safety

An overview of different access methods available to perform high-level cleaning and the risks involved.Some common misconceptions about working-at-height safety.What South African legislation does, and does not, state. The Institute for Work at Height’s safety guidelines.

11h00 – 11h30

Inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Professional Body for Environmental Hygiene.

11h30 – 13h00

National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA) Gauteng branch meeting.

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